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Merchants FAQ:

Items are displayed on advert space as selected and paid for by the vendors.

You do not pay NaijaDiscount any percentage of your sales. You only pay for your advert space.

Naija Discount is an online ecommerce platform for vendors to list and sell their products and services to potential customers.

Vendors are required to register as vendor in order to set up a vendor’s account.

Customers contact vendors directly for delivery of items. Items can be picked up by customer or delivered by vendors as agreed by both parties.

Vendor’s items are displayed on Naija Discount for exposure, and a link to vendor’s website and social media pages are provided.

Customers pay the vendors directly as agreed by both parties. Payment can either be on delivery, at the vendor’s location, or on the vendor’s online site.


 Customers FAQ :

Purchase of items on NaijaDiscount is directly through the vendor’s contact ( phone, website, social media, etc)

Return or Refund policies are based on individual vendor’s policy. This needs to be understood before purchase. Contact the vendor directly.

NaijaDiscount does not make claim on the quality or durability of items displayed on its site. Vendor’s are responsible to provide accurate and true representation of items displayed.

Shipping rate and delivery cost are to be discussed and agreed with the vendors.

Naija Discount is an online ecommerce platform for customers to view and purchase discounted products and services.